Stewart Owen Ford

Stewart Owen Ford is an Entrepreneur, businessman, venture capitalist, business mentor, and philanthropist.

What sets Stewart Owen Ford apart from other leaders is his awareness that being a leader does not require one to shoulder all of the responsibility on one's shoulders. The goal is to establish the fundamental shape of a company and allow qualified individuals to fill in the gaps. Everyone will be able to be more productive as a result, and there won't be any unnecessary friction getting in the way. Stewart Ford's daughter was a lovely girl born with Ring Chromosome 20. Her incessant seizures and other health issues can be attributed to an abnormality in one of her chromosomes. In 2002, Stewart laid the groundwork for what is now known as the Ring Chromosome 20 Charitable Trust to promote and facilitate research on this condition and exchange relevant information. In addition, Stewart opened his medical practice in New York in 2006 to treat patients with similar conditions. This disorder has continued to receive the organization's support for research as well as the dissemination of information. Stewart Ford is the father of a daughter born with Ring Chromosome 20, a rare genetic condition. Stewart established the Ring Chromosome 20 Charitable Trust in 2002, shortly after the birth of her daughter, to support research and the sharing of information regarding this disorder. In addition, Stewart opened a medical practice in New York in 2006 to treat people who experienced continuous seizure activity. The Foundation he established has continued to support research on this disorder and the exchange of information regarding it.

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